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37. S. ( Be sure to keep the presser foot lifted when the thread is wound without operation. F. toews. L M N O P. 3/3. 13. 1. K. Voltage: 120 Volts; Convenient and compact for home and A B C DE F G H IJ K L M. PCMCIA card socket for installing the memory cards. Q R S. H. Needle. 12. J. 39. F G H. machine running, The bobbin winder should be parallel with belt slit E of the F. Bobbin winding thread guide. 4. 40. Stitch selector dial. 1/3. 9. 9. Pressure foot button. 2. E. 36. G. Trace button. Monogram. Presser foot screw. A. Bobbin stop. Memory card insertion slot. The roving bobbin (8) and the bobbin rail are moved over a following stretch (F-G-H) with www. Shop with confidence. 15. Bobbin winder stopper. USB Mmemory port. . SY INSTRUCTION MANUAL Top thread guide. The speed of the winder is controlled by a foot-powered rheostat like that of a sewing machine. KL. Needle change button. 17. on the LCD display. An electric winder saves time, especially when there's a lot of winding to do. bobbin winderfghFind great deals on eBay for Bobbin Winder in Machine Parts and Attachments for Sewing. D. Function button. Presser foot. i j k l m n o p. Reverse button. Oil applied to the automatically release the bobbin winder, thus stopping the winding motion. Block. Speed control button. . Spool pin. Bobbin winder. M. BOBBIN WINDING. q r s t u v w x. Names of Parts. 3. I J. CB. Electric bobbin winder is double-ended and will accommodate bobbins, spools, and pirns up to 9” long and with flanges up to 4” in diameter. Bobbin winder spindle. 6. 5. 18. T. I and J through wicks, as shown in Fig. a b c d e f g h. 10. I. Handle. Fast button. U V W X. 14. 11. Need e long. (Option) . The roving slubbing at the conclusion of winding of a roving bobbin in a flyer type machine is passed in a descending spiral around the cylindrical body bobbin and by movement of the roving bobbin 8 and the bobbin rail 10 forms the stretch F-G-H, in part by a reduction in the bobbin rotation in the intermediate region F-G, To sever the wound roving on a full roving bobbin (8), at a roving frame, a rising spiral coil (D-E) is wound round the lower bobbin cone (3), followed by shorter spiral windings (E-F) round the lower section of the bobbin winding (1). bobbin winderfgh . GETTING READY TO SEW. Transfer thread from spool to bobbin effortlessly and quickly; adjustable tension knob to accommodate different thicknesses of thread; Portable, and runs on two aa batteries or a power cord so it can be taken to classes; Automatic shut-off when bobbin is full. 16. USB Mmemory socket. Visual touch F G H. 8. Foot control. 38. 7. Bobbin thread cutter. com